“At Maystar, our vocation and mission remain the same as when we started: research and innovation focused on beauty and total skincare, delivered through master formulas and outstanding customer care and service.”
Maystar Group's CEO


Maystar Lab

Right from the outset, Maystar has focused on innovation and quality in its constant quest for ever-greater beauty care and well-being.

Our proprietary laboratory researches and develops our entire cosmetics range and hairdressing products. The secret of our success lies in the way we blend innovative technology, skincare expertise and pharmaceutical research to achieve outcomes that maximize aesthetics and have a significant therapeutic effect on skin.

Each and every one of our cosmetics products is formulated from outstanding active principles carefully selected to keep skin and hair looking healthy, well cared for and full of vitality.

Maystar Cosmetica has an R&D Laboratory, which guarantees continous research, development and technological innovation of new products.

The workforce is made of professional labour with a high quality training in the dermo-cosmethics area, galenic development and research. Their targets are to create smooth textures, integration of active ingredients and the product efficacy innovation.

Maystar technical training

At Maystar, we take a holistic view of beauty, hair and skincare. Consequently, our salon staff’s expertise and training are as much a cornerstone of our business as our products.

Understanding and explaining our cosmetics’ properties and benefits are as important as knowing how to apply our face, hair and body treatment protocols.

By combining the research done by the Maystar Lab with the knowledge and expertise of our skincare team, we’ve created a series of exquisite beauty care experiences and rituals that transport body and mind to a sublimely sensuous state of well-being.


Waxing is one of the most common beauty care treatments. Not only does it remove body hair, it also makes our skin more receptive to other care products, which is why it is essential to offer our customers the very best products and application protocols.

As the leading brand in professional hair removal, STARPIL’s extensive catalogue of waxing systems, pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics and accessories provides everything you need to give your customers the best possible waxing, well-being and beauty treatments.

Depilflax — our market-leading waxing brand — is renowned among wax users.

Quality. Effectiveness. Service.

We’re waxing experts with a wide selection of waxing that meet the needs of even the most demanding beauticians. All Depilflax products are made from the best ingredients. In line with our values, we use all-natural active principles in our innovative formulas, which are always designed to care equally for skin and the environment.

Maystar is a renowned luxury cosmetics brand with an extensive product range designed to meet its customers’ every skincare need.

Every one of our skin-pampering and care treatments is based on meticulously developed protocols that draw on latest-generation techniques and cosmetics. They all share the same aim to keep skin looking healthy, well cared for and full of vitality.

Launch of Quickepil, our leading brand of hairdressing, beauty and body care disposables.

The disposable items of our Quickepil line are all manufactured with the best raw materials, in order to offer certified products which guarantee hygiene, comfort and practicality.

Quality, price and selection for better service and performance.

Located in Manresa and founded in 1922, Eva Professional specialises in the creation and manufacture of high quality haircare products. With more than 25,000 professional clients spread across 50 countries worldwide, Eva Professional stands out for the development of high quality and sustainable products, made with natural ingredients.


Maystar Fit arrives to revolutionize the world of sports. Aimed at athletes who want to protect and prevent possible injuries during sports training.

Care and warm-up of the body before and after training is essential if you want to get the best results and avoid injuries, that's why Maystar Fit was born: Fit or Break. Inspired not to stop.