Sustainable Development

"Créenos", Maystar's sustainable development campaign, is a way to announce our commitment to and respect for sustainable development and to make a small contribution to reducing the industry's carbon footprint.


Maystar is committed to:

Health and well-being, encapsulated by a healthy appearance and lifestyle.

The environment, minimizing our processes and services environmental impact and preserving our natural surroundings.

Our partners, helping them achieve a healthy work–life balance and develop their full potential.

Our contribution to a better world

We’ve designed our manufacturing processes to minimize our impact on the environment by:

  • Reducing the use of plastic to minimize CO2 emissions.
  • Tailoring our energy resources for greater energy efficiency.
  • Making efficient use of the raw materials we need to manufacture our products.
  • Not using restricted substances in either our products or manufacturing processes.
  • Maximizing transport efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions which contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  • Reinvesting 5% of our profits in recycling plastic, packaging, cardboard, paper and other manufacturing waste.

If we all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, the environment will benefit both locally and globally, helping to preserve all the natural resources we use for future generations and to fulfil our commitment to sustainable development.

Alliances and partnerships

As a partner to UNICEF, our corporate social responsibility programme is fully focused on supporting UNICEF's Schools for Africa programme:
Actualmente, unos 57 millones de niños no van a la escuela y las tasas más bajas de escola- rización corresponden a África subsahariana, donde sólo 2 de cada 3 niños y niñas en edad escolar tiene acceso a educación.

This joint initiative between UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Peter Krämer Foundation — Schools for Africa — gives these children an opportunity to access quality education and to dream of a better future. Investing in education transforms children's lives.

Investing in education transforms children's lives.

In addition, from time to time we support institutions like the Leo Messi Foundation, in this case making a small contribution towards building a hospital to beat childhood cancer. #paralosvalientes

«Como Entidad Aliada en el programa de Unicef Multiplica por la Infancia, estamos muy orgullosos de colaborar con la gran labor que UNICEF desarrolla en materia de educación, ya que nuestros fondos van destinados a crear escuelas, cuyo principal objetivo es proporcionar un entorno seguro a los niños y niñas más desfavorecidos, para ofrecerles una educación de calidad como medio principal que les ayude a salir de la pobreza.» «Como empresa estamos convencidos que nuestra ayuda está en las mejores manos, ya que  como UNICEF dice: sumando pequeñas colaboraciones multiplicamos los resultados.»   #paralosvalientes